The scouts had a great time at Grampian Nights in Aberdeen this summer. Loads of adventurous activities and making lots of new friends from around Scotland.



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What we did: wood chopping, we watched the movie, made dinner over the fire (we had spaghetti and soup). Some of us slept outside and some of us slept inside. We made sausage, egg bacon toast and beans for breakfast (Abbie put some bacon on fire (three times…)), then we took down the tents. We had a great time at the camp and we’re all looking forward to the next one!!!




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Great games night on the 17th of November. We had a great time and enjoyed it a lot! We played the tyre game; when a group of people grabbed the tire and dragged it to try to push over our group’s chair, we were in four teams for this game. In one game people stood on chairs acting as a basket, for a game of basketball. In another game there was eight squares and were in four teams. We were trying to push everyone not in your team onto the other squares in order.


Article written by scouts as part of digital citizen badge.


The Scouts had a great time at Laser Tag in Braehead. We all met before heading in to the safety brief. We played 2 games in the arena both 25 minutes long, all the scouts had a lot of fun turning and manoeuvring through the maze like course. After we had played the 2 games we headed in to the Odeon Cinema to invest the new Scouts in one of the screens. Unique place for an investiture…


The scouts had a great weekend at the hall practicing there back to basics scout skills at a training camp.