The Scouts had a Fantastic night of boldering at the Glasgow climbing academy.



Scouts braved the weather and had a great weekend at Auchengillan outdoor center for Sub Zero. over the weekend they took part in a number of exiting activities including climbing abseiling and ice skating. 



the scouts enjoyed an action packed night at scape where they got the chance to play a round of crazy golf and play laser tag. fantastic night enjoyed by all. 




The scouts spent a weekend leaning traditional scouting skills at our back to basics training camp:

This gave the older scouts a chance to pass on there skills to the younger scouts that have recreantly moved up from cubs, aswell as learn new skills and perfect existing ones.

over the weekend they worked in patrols where they pitched and slept in traditional scout patrol tents, put there fire lighting skills to the test, learned how to properly cut wood using axe and saw, constructed camp gadgets and pioneering projects and cooked there own lunch on lightweight hiking stoves, along with many other fun activities.


Thursday nights at scouts are back in full flow with last weeks Gladiators night where the famous TV game show was recreated with the scouts taking on the roles if contenders and Gladiators. despite none of the scouts being born when the original Gladiators was on TV they all had a great night.