Thursday nights at scouts are back in full flow with last weeks Gladiators night where the famous TV game show was recreated with the scouts taking on the roles if contenders and Gladiators. despite none of the scouts being born when the original Gladiators was on TV they all had a great night.







Starting off the new term with a bang, the scouts spent a day out walking despite the weather the scouts completed a low level walk (section of the west highland way) with some of the older scouts concocting the Munro of Ben Challum.




Scouts back from exciting week long summer camp at Nine Acres Memorial Campsite. Action packed week including a visit to Knockhill Race Track, a day in St. Andrews, visit to the Isle of May and hill walking. Was a fun filled week enjoyed by all and the scouts even worked towards there naturist badge and sleeping on platforms in the air which they built themselves as part of the Zodiac award.