EK Explorers Spent there Tuesday learning the Self defense techniques of Krav Mega. was a fun night where they learned some impotent self defense skills. Cheers to Brendan at Shield Krav Mega for running the night.


EK Explorers had a action packed weekend at Auchengillan Outdoor Center for Sub Zero 2016. over the weekend they had the opportunity to take part in a number of activities ranging from the more traditional such as climbing, abseiling and a campfire to some that where a little different like paintball and bubble football. the Saturday night was highlighted with an Explorer only pool party with a live DJ, hot tubs and an outdoor pool which had been heated to 38C with the outside temperature around the pool being a chilly -1C. quite a unique experience.


Pool Party

It was -1°C at Auchengillan on Saturday night, but in the pool it was around 37°C

Posted by Auchengillan Outdoor Centre on Tuesday, 16 February 2016


End of a Great 2015 for EK explorers, thought we would share this video highlighting some of the things we got up to in the past year.

EK explorers rounded of a great 2015 with a night of sledging at Sno Factor. Great night to round off a great 2015. Here is to a even better 2016.


EK explorers went out for a (surprisingly dry) Christmas night hike and camp at the hall. showing there navigation skills to complete the route in the dark. before returning to the hall for some video games and DVDs.