Don't worry, nobody really did get blown away!

Friday cubs visited Whitelees Windfarm for a night of fun, doing orienteering and geocaching. through the night they placed 3 geocaches and released 3 track-able bugs in to the wild. Why dont you give geocaching a try and visit the Cubs caches, all three are posted on or track our travel bugs and find-out where they have visited.

Geocache numbers and links

Cubs 1 - GC5CW03

Cubs 2- GC5CW0M

Cubs 3- GC5CW0V


Trackables (track at

PCZKNK- Mission, get to site of first scout camp (Brownsea island)

PCAF0K - Mission, to get to UK scout HQ (Gillwell park)

TT3KK6 - Track-able Turtle, Mission to reach Indonesia